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" The Chiropractic care in this clinic is excellent. Dr. Munro inquires about your health and addresses these issues with immediate care and recommendations to maintain such care after the session"
Brook K.

"As an ageing outdoor enthusiast I attest to Dr. Gary Munro's knowledge, skill and manner in contributing to my enjoyment of an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Five years ago after exhausting all avenues in our medical system, Gary correctly diagnosed my chronic shoulder pain and numbness in the hands as symptoms of disc deterioration in the cervical spine. He has provided relief, coaching and guidance in helping me manage this affliction, when the medical system could not. Further, he has provided rehabilitative services and advice and accelerated my recovery from tears, sprains, strains and even fractures. I am pleased to recommend Dundarave Chiropractic"
Bill R. 

" I began to feel relief after a few treatments, and wished I had tried chiropractic treatment earlier. I was soon back to my normal activities, and continue to enjoy skiing and paddling. I definitely recommend Dundarave Chiropractic to family and friends"
Judy R.

" The feeling I first felt when walking in was " supported" I was quite nervous but they were gentle and kind. I have never looked back. I have been playing squash for 20+ years and if it wasn't for Dr. Munro I wouldn't be playing"
Kim W.

" From the front office to the chiropractic care the experience is friendly, efficient and always makes me feel better"
Kelly M.

" I have been a regular patient at Dundarave Chiropractic for 9 years. I am so grateful for how Dr. Munro and his team  have helped thru those ugly, painful, urgent needs for my back and neck pain and as well, how Dr. Munro has educated me on the importance of regular maintenance and care for my spine"
Renee S.

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